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TF2 - Unlockable Items, New Gameplay Mode, New Maps
By: HoriZon

Valve is planning to introduce some major changes into Team Fortress 2. PC Gamer UK is currently visiting Valve and has revealed the big change and a new game mode to go along side it.

Starting with just two new items for the Medic, Valve are going to be gradually rolling out new, unlockable weapons for every class. These will be alternative versions of their current loadouts that, once unlocked by earning a certain number of achievements, you can pick and choose from on a new 'Loadout' menu.

The new game mode is showcased in Goldrush - the map that will ship alongside cp_badlands in a little over a month from now. One team must escort a small mining cart through a series of Dustbowl-like map segments. The cart moves faster the more Blue players are near it, but stops entirely if even one Red player is in range. Blue have to escort the cart all the way to Red's headquarters within a certain timelimit.

Sounds very promising especially the idea of the new game mode!

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