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Command & Conquer, free of charge!
By: Sar

That game that kicked off the series is now available free from EA!

They're offering it as a part of the anniversary of Command & Conquer, which is 12 years old this year. An odd time to celebrate imo, but meh, it's free!


 01 Sep '07 - 18:09
Funny that i played the new one on the 360 last night, only the demo mind and enjoyed it vastly! it had Boomer from BSG in it and Micheal Ironside! was cool

I edited you Dave center images also its "General" as "Games" is for our games/wars whatever

Shocked you added the summary, this may not be your first time?

PS: as an admin do you guys see the IP on these comments? (bottom left)

Edited on the 01 Sep '07 - 18:16


 01 Sep '07 - 19:14
Yeah, I see the IP ok

I would have thought though that the specific BF2142 and QW categories would've been for our matches?


 01 Sep '07 - 19:19
Well the BF2142/QW ones was for news about those games, not our results. The ClanBase one is for our games in that league, General was for all this sorta thing... Games it self hmmm not sure now!

OK you win

Edited on the 01 Sep '07 - 19:23

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