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Battlefield Heroes Preview
By: HoriZon

Shacknews editor Chris Faylor got a long look at EA DICE's upcoming free-to-play, ad-supported title Battlefield Heroes at this year's GDC. Take a look at the full report.

Battlefield Heroes will sport three character classes: the standard Soldier, the fast-moving Commando, and the heavily-armed Gunner. Instead of picking their faction at the beginning of each round, players will be forced to swear their allegiance to the National Army--a politically correct Axis team--or the Royal Army when registering their account. The conflict between the two has something to do with a dispute over the Olympics.

You can also see it running over on Eurogamer. Looks very TF2 but might be worth a go and after all its free!, I thought the download bit was funny


 29 Feb '08 - 14:19
Watch the video its funny

Also the site is located here for all the info you may want:


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