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Far Cry, Prince of Persia Free Downloads
By: HoriZon

A few more games for you to play for free, as Ubisoft have released full versions of four of their games. These are ad-supported though, so hopefully you don't mind seeing a few McDonald's ads. FileShack has them all to download:

Unfortunately at this time its for US people only! But its good to see these FREE games coming! In the UK? you have to lie and say you're American to get the download. That's quite a price though.

id Software take note!


 03 Sep '07 - 11:36
Found this of an in-screen grab of Far Cry:

Burger time!


 03 Sep '07 - 13:31
If it afforded you the opportunity to shoot Ronald McDonald in the face with a shotgun at point blank, then it'd be worth a spin

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