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Call of Duty 4 gets GOTY Edition
By: HoriZon

Activision has decided that it's about time a Game of the Year Edition of Call of Duty 4 was available for Xbox 360.

For a release in April, it'll include a flashy box as well as a token to download the upcoming Variety Map Pack, according to reports.

The map pack costs 800 Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) and adds Creek, Broadhouse, Killhouse and Chinatown maps to the fray. Infinity Ward has only referred to a "spring" date so far.

Source: Eurogamer


 18 Mar '08 - 20:55
Good news on the map front. Hope they're as good as the current maps.


 18 Mar '08 - 20:57
Still not played this might have to get it when this comes out!

Well when i finish some games first

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