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Battlefield: Bad Company set for June!
By: HoriZon

EA DICE's first-person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company and its destructible environments will arrive on PS3 and X360 in June, publisher Electronic Arts has revealed.

Though they also seem to have hit us with a snag, in the Battlefield: Bad Company beta test several weapons in the games arsenal are locked, with "Available for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace" notations next to them. In total 10 weapons are listed as for sale, with five of them also available in the Gold Edition of the game. What this basically means is that people willing to drop a little extra cash, be it in the store or on Xbox Live, will have more weapons to choose from than someone who scrapes together just enough to pick up the game itself.

Not good


 21 Mar '08 - 20:04
Hopefully the paid for weapons won't have a major advantage over the free ones, but if they don't then what's the point in buying them? It's a case of wait and see. Anyway, I like the idea of blowing the crap out of everything and anything.


 21 Mar '08 - 23:54
Hopefully Rob i for one think its not to good buying new weapons after buying the game! for £35+ !!!

Here's the proof:

Edited on the 21 Mar '08 - 23:59


 22 Mar '08 - 13:10
Yeah, whilst at face value this stinks of EA crap, Dice have usually been pretty good balancing weps. As long as we get all the staples, m16, m4, ak47 blah as standard, the choice is yours, just like a map pack. Of course psychology get in the way, if you got killed twice by a paid for G3, that shit sure as hell is unbalanced!


 23 Mar '08 - 13:19
They did the same with BF2 and Special Forces so this isnt anything new. Mugs like us are going to pay whether its right or wrong.


 23 Mar '08 - 14:39
Its new m8 that had maps too this is weapons only.

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