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GTA IV to sell 6 million copies
By: HoriZon

Grand Theft Auto IV is set to rack up USD 400 million in its first week and sell 6 million copies, according to a Variety report.

The article quotes "sources close to publisher Take-Two" as having supplied those predictions. "Though they rarely release the data, videogame publishers are able to accurately predict early game sales based on what retailers order," apparently.

Halo 3 previously enjoyed the biggest launch of any videogame in history, with USD 300 million made in its first week on sale and 5 million units shifted. But as Variety points out, that was an Xbox 360 exclusive - while GTA IV is coming out on PS3 too. On April 29th, in case you'd forgotten.

If Rockstar's latest effort does break the USD 400 million barrier, it could go on to beat the biggest grossing film of all time - Pirates of the Caribbean, which made USD 404 million at the box office.

In case you were wondering, 21.5 million copies of previous instalment Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have now been sold.

Source: Eurogamer


 16 Apr '08 - 12:46
I personally think the GTA games are dull and boring, maybe its just me but the last one i played i liked was GTA1 with its cool top down view!


 18 Apr '08 - 22:57
I can happily say I've never played any of them That's not to say they're not well done, it's just not my kind of game.


 19 Apr '08 - 02:08
I have played one for about 10 minutes. Forget which one it was but had some good ideas like an in car radio where you could change the channels. You could also walk up to stangers in the street and punch them which i suppose is where the appeal has come from. Too many good games out there to waste my time on this.

Although it is made in Edinburgh of which we should be proud.

Edited on the 19 Apr '08 - 02:18


 20 Apr '08 - 14:58
same as ROB - never played em, never wanted to


 21 Apr '08 - 01:58
Apparently it is loads better than the previous version. Check out these screenies. http://forums.bf2s.com/viewtopic.php?pid=2042262#p2042262


 22 Apr '08 - 11:21
I've played GTA3 and Vice City, and they were both good games. Never finished either, but I'll definitely be picking this up for the 360 and trying to complete it.


 28 Apr '08 - 22:26
Eurogamer reviewed this yesterday and gave it 10 out of 10


 29 Apr '08 - 14:50
They did indeed but i still think the game is shite its boring doing the same thing over and over again had enough with that in AC.

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