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Battlefield Heroes beta in May
By: HoriZon

EA has revealed that Battlefield Heroes will begin beta testing on 6th May.

Sign-ups will be handled over on the official site once it's ready, and the full game is set to launch in the third-quarter of this year. Battlefield Heroes is a free-to-play cartoon spin-off in the online shooter series. Ads fund the operation but will not appear in-game, only on the game website.

It has also been designed with the majority of desktop machines in mind, too, so your whole office should be able to enjoy it as either the Royals or the Nationals. Also available is a brand new trailer, and more screenshots.

Source: Eurogamer


 25 Apr '08 - 18:13
It does look fun and zippy! i will give it a go and design a look alike of me


 25 Apr '08 - 21:36
Looking cool. They've certainly gone for it in customisable terms. Some interesting styles.


 26 Apr '08 - 09:22
Wow that looks awesome. Im being won over. Just wish/hope they have 1st person view as well.


 26 Apr '08 - 18:38
Yeah first person would be nice but still it does look fun i gonna join the Nazi's!

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