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Pyro Class Changes: First Unlockable Weapon Unveiled
By: HoriZon

The upcoming Pyro update bound for Valve's multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 is ''almost completely wrapped'' and will include changes to the core class beyond the addition of unlockable weapons and achievements, the company revealed.

One of the new weapons, dubbed the Axtinguisher, does about half the damage as the standard axe but will guarantee a critical hit when striking enemies set ablaze by the Pyro's flamethrower. The update included concept art of this new weapon.

The post added that the class will see ''significant changes'' that will be enacted for every player, regardless of whether they have unlocked any of the new weapons via the accompanying Pyro-specific achievements. No further details were offered as to what those changes might be.

The company noted that player feedback from the Medic update, which added three new weapons unlockable via 36 total achievements, was incorporated into its plans for this latest tuning of Team Fortress 2.

"We've spent time looking at how the recent Medic release went, and have rolled feedback from that release into the new item designs for the Pyro and into the design of the achievements required to unlock those items," the company stated.

The new Pyro content marks the second major update to Team Fortress 2, and Valve plans to expand the seven remaining classes with new armament in due time.

Source: Shacknews

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