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We celebrate 10 years this week!
By: HoriZon

This week sees us getting to the ripe old age of 10! yes its true we have been gaming for that long! From our days back in 1998 for Quake 2 and the Wireplay Leagues to our days in the great and much missed BarrysWorld Leagues for Quake 3 to our days in Clan Base for Battlefield 1942, BF2 and BF2142 to our very short time in Quake 4 to our last team effort for Team Fortress 2 (which should have been so much more!) as well as a few other leagues. See all that and more plus our achievements here.

There are lots of people to thank for all their time and effort over the years from current members to much missed ex-members as well as people we have met along the way, but we wont list them as they know who they are, we thank you all!

As for what the future holds? well we aren't playing anything at this time but we are on the lookout for a new game to dip our toes in. Till then the site is always up and running with content been added all the time with news of our future and our past, see some site member only things by signing for an account! (note to all old members: this is a new site, you will need a new user account!)

Our past games for Q2 right the way through to our latest clan game TF2!


 24 Jun '08 - 18:54
Oh my god is it really 10 years now! I feel very old!

Happy Birthday PR^!


 25 Jun '08 - 03:55
Happy B-Day PR from the US of A. It sure was fun fraggin with you guys

Especially Rocket Arena and Lithium Quake2


 25 Jun '08 - 19:44
HB us, quite the achievement tbpfh

Yay us!


 25 Jun '08 - 23:55
Yep it has been that long hard to think really isn't it? we were all much younger and had so much more time for all this, it feels so tiring now

Those Q2/Q3 days the late nights did it for me luckily i had an easy job and i didn't start till late to stay up till 2am !! *happy days!* \0/


 30 Jun '08 - 00:26
Are we one of the oldest clans around? Seems like quite an achievement.


 30 Jun '08 - 11:27
One of the oldest still active-ish UK clans yes we are there are a few more which are older though 4Kings for one is a year or 2 older but they did shut down for a few years at one point.

But its still cool


 10 Jul '08 - 22:21
Happy BD all!

Does seem to me this is quite an achievement to be active all this time.


 31 Jul '08 - 20:05
Yes it is!

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