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John Carmack's QuakeCon Keynote
By: HoriZon

Last night QuakeCon begun with id's very own boss John Carmack and his Keynote.

Following a few announcements and brief trailers of RAGE and Wolfenstein, introduced by CEO Todd Hollenshead, Carmack took the microphone and (after a while) a seat and rambled absorbingly about everything from mobile games and in-game ads to his admiration from Nintendo and his thoughts on the rest of this console generation.

On whether the PC can kill consoles
"There are people that honestly believe the PC will come back and make consoles obsolete. I think that probably is a naive view. I think there are inherent challenges for the PC platform that consoles don't have that I would be surprised to see that desktop PC box making Sony and 360 and Wiis and everything obsolete. I don't think that's going to happen."

On the lack of mod support in Quake Live
"One of the big things that was unknown last year but we have a final decision on - and I'm sure it's not going to be a popular response, but there is no official mod support in Quake Live. As we surveyed all the things that we have to do and we want to do in terms of making the game as robust and seamless and problem-free, we just really can't support random mods. A lot of gameplay types that were popular have been integrated, but we do not have an ability to just say, 'here's the SDK for Quake Live, here's a mod, let me go start playing'." [...] "We're working with a lot of people on integrating things into Quake Live as official game styles and modifications, and we'll just have to see how that goes."

On what id won't do with the Quake Live concept
"Quake Live's not going to be a portal - I get asked that a lot. It's not going to become this place with lots of games where you can go and pick and choose. We may look at Enemy Territory, we may wind up supporting DOOM in some way, but they will be separate and distinct projects. We're not trying to make a new casual gaming destination or something like that."

You can read a lot more highlights over at Eurogamer.

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