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Spore Goes Gold, Arriving September
By: HoriZon

Following years of delays and setbacks, publisher EA today confirmed that EA Maxis' ambitious life simulator Spore has gone gold and is now in the manufacturing process.

The PC and Mac release is slated to hit North American retailers on September 7, with a slightly less ambitious Nintendo DS version, titled Spore Creatures, arriving the same day. The iPhone version, dubbed Spore Origins, arrives September 4.

The studio has previously released surprisingly low system requirements for the title, with a free creature creator currently available for PC and Mac users to download.

What is Spore about?


 15 Aug '08 - 16:46
I'm looking forward to this! for the PC and ahem the iPod Touch one too should be fun

Not played a Sim style game since Sim City on the ST all those years ago i never tried The Sims either.

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