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Left 4 Dead Delayed
By: HoriZon

The release of Valve's cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead has been postponed until November 21, company president Gabe Newell revealed.

The game had previously been slated to hit PC and Xbox 360 on November 7. No reason was provided for the brief delay, though the crowded fall season and Gears of War 2 (X360) arrives November 7. Click 'read more' for the E3 Making of presentation!

[31 August 2008] Left 4 Dead interview with Valve's Chet Faliszek on the Xbox 360 version over at Shacknews.


 28 Aug '08 - 23:17
So who's getting this one?


 31 Aug '08 - 00:03
Definitely. 360 version.


Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360 Using Dedicated Servers on Live

Which is a bit of a turn up.


 31 Aug '08 - 16:10
ah cool i'm glad others are getting it on the 360! i will be up for playing this with you m8!

Just wanting to finish Halo 3, playing on Heroic and about half way through its bloody hard at times with the fucking Brutes in big packs!! (got stuck in the last part of "Tsavo Highway" where you first see a tank couldn't do that for ages took me 3 hours!!!!! in the end i snuck around them and walked past it all and the game just made them vanish, hehe) love the theatre mode watching the game as i played it! loved the big scarab part. Not played it online yet though.

Then onto that new Star Wars game and GoW2 and Far Cry 2


 31 Aug '08 - 23:02
Yeah, theres about 3 or 4 tough spots, mainly in the first half of the game on Heroic.

Clocked 315 hours online now, more than i played BF2 ffs. For me its the pinnacle of the quake stye fps, the gameplay balance is sublime.

I hope L4D is tough enough. Coop fps really works best when your on edge the entire time and having to communicate to survive.


 03 Sep '08 - 14:44
On the Ark now getting their!

Some new 360 vids of L4D are up on Shacknews.


 20 Sep '08 - 00:06
Added a good quality trailer, now who cant say that looks fucking great???

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