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Halo 3 update to be released next week
By: HoriZon

A multiplayer Halo 3 update with new achievements and playlists will be released on Tuesday. Developers Bungie revealed on their website that the second title update will arrive on September 23.

The free update will include new achievements, with one locked until the game's one-year anniversary on September 25. Several new playlists will be available, as well as altering existing playlists to cater for additional players.

The website will also be revamped, streamlining multiplayer stats and allowing player comparisons. The Xbox 360 exclusive has sold over ten million copies to date.


 19 Sep '08 - 18:53
I have just finished this game in single player and really enjoyed it trying a bit of multiplayer now but its not as fun for me will keep at it though!

Want to play a bit of co-op, but I'm billy no m8's!


 25 Sep '08 - 15:12
Not sure i can face another campaign run just yet, only recently finished it coop legendary for the third time(done it 3 times on heroic too). But we still play alot of DM, and frequently have a 4th chair open. We mainly play ranked though, and it can often be a trial by fire. Couple of saturdays back we lost 17, won 1 in a single night...:0 Just jump in at the > sign


 25 Sep '08 - 18:16
No worries m8 i will find some one as for other games yeah i would be up for that.

Seen this new Halo game or extra campaign for Halo 3 i think the latter.

"Where the Master Chief and Cortana land??"

Edited on the 25 Sep '08 - 18:17

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