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The official L4D Blog!
By: HoriZon

Valve has put up an official Left 4 Dead blog with a post by Mike Booth discussing the current state of development of Left 4 Dead. Mike opens up by saying that "We're planning on using this blog to talk more directly with that community - through stories, artwork, and insights into our design and development process."

The game is finally nearing completion, and we're down to the final tweaks before it goes out the door. This week, we're all playtesting the Xbox 360 version of the game non-stop. There are two kinds of playtesting at Valve. There's the kind that happens throughout development, where we bring in people from outside the company, watch them tackle the game, and then make changes based on their experience.

Only two months away now, getting all excited inside! Also see this Great movie poster!

[04 October 2008] Read this forum post for a few X360 videos showing off the game!


 02 Oct '08 - 19:22
I still preferred the older models.

Seemed more UK-ish, whereas these are straightforward LA generics.


 08 Oct '08 - 21:28
The fast zombies remind me of 28 days later. At least you have guns though, and it looks like you'll need a shed load of ammo...


 08 Oct '08 - 22:27
Should be fun then the fast bit at first was the bit putting me off but now it looks great fun and there are a lot of them!

Just a shame my PC wont run it, so its the 360 one for me.


 10 Oct '08 - 13:45
Added a great movie poster for the game to the main news!

This thing is getting a big $10 advertising campaign as well. I hope its as big on the 360 as the PC so there are people to play it after 3/4 months!!

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