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Site Updates, adds Tags
By: HoriZon

Over the last week or so we have made a few changes to the site some small some not so small!


  • Added a Tagcloud to the site. (see below)
  • Updated the sign-up page to reduce 'spambots' registering!
  • All users will have to confirm some details for the above to. (added page for this)
  • Corrected 'more spelling' mistakes and errors on some of the guides. (read them again)
  • Added a few new links to the links page.
  • Installed the latest core files.
  • Various other small updates and fixes.

You can see the new Tags in the right hand menu not fully sure how it works yet. But I seem to have got the grasp of it, I have made it fit in with our site so in theory when you click say xbox_live it should show you most news and forum posts with that phrase in it with links to others under it.

As stated above, we are trying to stop spambots signing up so now all users have to enter their name and where they are from. Will try this for now before moving on to more major things.

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