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New Left 4 Dead screenshots!
By: HoriZon

Publisher Electronic Arts today released more screenshots from Valve's multiplayer zombie shooter Left 4 Dead.

Sure, much the game is played in dark hallways and pitch-black cornfields, and those are some great levels, but they don't always translate well to picture form. These shots taken from the Dead Air levels of the campaign set in and around an airport.


 29 Oct '08 - 20:48
So close now! just got like Fable 2, Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 to play as well but i think L4D will jump to the top of that pile


 30 Oct '08 - 19:03
I've got the PC Fallout 3 Special Edition Lunchbox package winging it's way out to me as we speak.

£35 from Gameplay, which is the only place that had it left in stock!

Can't wait!

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