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Left 4 Dead Public Demo Released
By: HoriZon

The demo is now downloadable and playable on all Steam and Xbox Live accounts. The demo will be available till the game is officially released on the 21st November in Europe.

The Xbox 360 demo is 1.2GB, and offers up the first two maps of the No Mercy campaign, which are playable both on your own and with friends. The Steam demo is the same but a little bit bigger to download.

Left 4 Dead is the co-operative zombie-survival shooter from Valve, where groups of four humans use guns to ward off hordes of Infected, which move frighteningly fast and savagely.


 12 Nov '08 - 14:03
Been playing a hell of a lot of this demo since i got a key for the private demo last weekend and i must say its fucking brilliant and so much fun the graphics aren't the best but they do the job well enough!!!

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