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Aliens: Colonial Marines Due Q1 2009?
By: HoriZon

Gearbox Software's squad-based Aliens shooter will be released within the next three months according to a release schedule from publisher Sega's European branch.

The schedule lists a "Q1 2009" release for Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was originally expected in late 2008. Sega was unable to tell VideoGamer if that was calendar Q1 (January 1-March 31) or fiscal Q1 (April 1-June 30), April will see Sega begin its 2010 fiscal year, suggesting that the date applies to the calendar year.

Rumors that the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game was cancelled emerged amidst layoffs, but Gearbox president Randy Pitchford quickly denied that the project had been halted.

Source: Shacknews


 08 Jan '09 - 19:25
Here's hoping it's out soon, it looks excellent, and the best Aliens game by far!


 09 Jan '09 - 00:05
Short controlled bursts!!! Looks nice


 10 Jan '09 - 20:52
I hope its good i remember the old Alien game from the PS1 i loved it !!


 13 Jan '09 - 19:59
Its the coop im interested in more than anything. I remain to be convinced Gearbox can pull it off though. Aliens ought to have the best coop ever. Many a time I'm playing L4D and thinking hell, all I really want from A:CM is this with a bit more class variety and white knuckle terror.


 13 Jan '09 - 19:59
Oh, and a Pulse Rifle

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