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Wii pissing over competition...
By: HoriZon

Worldwide cumulative sales of the Wii are now greater than those for 360, making it the best selling console of this generation, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

According to figures in the Financial Times, gamers across the world have collectively bought 9 million Wii consoles, 8.9 Xbox 360 consoles, and 3.7 million PlayStation 3 consoles. Nintendo has now overtaken Microsoft within ten months, despite the one year head start enjoyed by the Redmond giant.


 14 Sep '07 - 07:04
Aye, it's ripping the piss clean out of the other 2's sales figures and outselling the PS3 3:1 and the X360 22:1 in Japan!

Can't see any of the others catching up with it now tbh.

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