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Crysis 'Ice' Hands-On Impressions
By: HoriZon

Shacknews has had a hands on look at a new level 'ice' from the up coming PC game Crysis, I for one can't tell if its actual screenshots or concept art! You can find the article right here.

Yerli noted that this was the DirectX 9 version of the game--and it still looked incredible. "People have been criticizing us for always showing DX10, so we wanted to show DX9 to prove it still looks good enough," he explained. "Good enough" is an understatement.

To me thats fucking "wow", now if only I could run it


 14 Sep '07 - 12:25
In game screenys

Which makes it look even better IMO


 14 Sep '07 - 12:30
Yeah and Jesus-H-Fucking-Mary on them, a beast of a PC is needed for that I guess Spark could run it to the max as for the rest of us bah!

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