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Left 4 Dead Blog: Survival Mode
By: HoriZon

The L4D blog has been updated, this time outlining the complexities of Survival Mode, the new game play mode whereby survivors must compete against endless hoards of zombies. Survival mode will be released as a part of the free downloadable content for PC and Xbox 360 on Tuesday 21st April.

Summarising the blog update, they talk about making Survival Mode more than just a continuous crescendo event and making it feel like a distinctive separate game mode. Rounds will increase in difficulty over time, but just increasing zombie numbers doesn't reflect this. Pitching various events at times where they cross over controls the pacing, such as:

  • Mob spawn frequency
  • Special infected spawn frequency
  • Number of each type of special infected
  • Total number of special infected
  • Tank spawn frequency
  • Total number of tanks

Survival mode will also have 'lull' moments for teams to reload, relocate for ammo, heal or seek out new items. We won't be able to camp in these rooms as...

As ammo piles provide a unique infinite resupply for players, they tend to be in relatively less defensible positions in the Survival arenas. This means making an all important ammo run is rarely a safe proposition and requires good teamwork and planning.

Check out the full post on the Left 4 Dead blog, including a graph showing increasing spawn frequency.

[21 April 2009] Said patch went live today and its great fun!

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