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Sniper vs. Spy Update Released!
By: HoriZon

Steam will automatically begin downloading this large update to Team Fortress 2. A highly anticipated update, that includes many new features including:


  • New game mode - Payload Race (with new map Pipeline)
  • Two new official arena maps: Nucleus and Sawmill (with new weather conditions)
  • 35 new achievements for the Sniper Class
  • 34 new achievements for the Spy Class
  • The Huntsman, Razorback and Jarate new weapon unlocks for the Sniper
  • The Dead ringer, Cloak & Dagger and The Ambassador new weapon unlocks for the Spy

Remember Team Fortress 2 is now available for a free weekend, so anyone can play this update, and if you wish to purchase after, TF2 is available at half price. So go and play this awesome game kids!!

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