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Battlefield 1943 Xbox 360 Release
By: HoriZon

DICE's downloadable multiplayer-only shooter Battlefield 1943 launched today on the Xbox 360, as celebrated by this swanky brand new launch trailer, though it's been a rough landing.

"Good news, the game is incredibly successful beyond even my expectations," writes producer Gordon Van Dyke in a forum post. "We have reached server capacity, but the bad news about this now [means] some people can't join unless someone leaves."

More servers are currently being added to resolve the issue, and in preparation for the PlayStation 3 launch of the game tomorrow. A PC release is due in September but for now you can view lots of screenshots to see in our gallery.

In other BF news, Battlefield Heroes came out of beta last week!


 08 Jul '09 - 18:09
Already have it myself for the 360 but have only played a few games as i cant get on the thing !!! will try again later if not i guess its going to take a while to fix the issues!!

Seems great though, i never really played 1942 so its all new for me


 08 Jul '09 - 20:16
Only managed to play in training mode, couldn't get onto any server. Suicide jeep, anyone?


 10 Jul '09 - 10:22
I think they must have fixed the server issues by the time the ps3 version was released. I got on to servers no problem. Classy game. Nice graphics. Suicide jeeps are much easier than '42 as the dynamite actually sticks to stuff. It's pleasant driving around in a tank at the moment as there aren't that may good pilots. Good fun Nostalgia overload...


 10 Jul '09 - 18:31
Suicide jeeps rulez with unlimited detpack (if you survive suicide). I couldn't get on any server before 10pm, it was ok after 10pm.

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