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Invader Zim Creator Kicks Off BioShock 2 Artist Series
By: HoriZon

Invader Zim and JTHM creator Jhonen Vasquez marks the first participant in a new series of BioShock-themed art organized by developer 2K Games.

"We asked several uniquely different artists to create a piece of art that represented their Rapture to celebrate the profound effect the city's beauty has on the BioShock community," said 2K community manager Elizabeth Tobey.

The first piece, Vasquez's "The Sisters" (see above), debuted online a few days ago. Additional art will be released over the coming months.

As for the game its been put back to early next year.


 19 Jul '09 - 18:31
Love the artwork, got to add it as my desktop background!

As for the game i'm glad its been put back gives me more time with what i have to play and L4D2!!

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