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Battlefield 1943 PC Priced, Preorders Begin
By: HoriZon

Though the PC version of DICE's Battlefield 1943 won't be out until sometime next year, the game is now available for preorder on the EA store.

The downloadable game has been priced at $15, a figure in line with the console versions. Unique features of the PC version include 32-player multiplayer matches, joystick support and a server browser.

Originally scheduled to be released simultaneously on all platforms, Battlefield 1943 was eventually delayed to early 2010 on PC, with DICE calling the step necessary "to ensure the features and functionality that PC players have come to expect from Battlefield on PC are not missing."

Source: Shacknews


 08 Oct '09 - 14:34
£10 ( £9.99) pre-order ... hmmm not sure it's worth buying it again for PC ( having already got the xbox360 version tbh)


 26 Oct '09 - 12:01
Same here cant see myself getting the PC one besides kinda bored of the 3 maps now!


 08 Nov '09 - 10:44
It depends on how many PR^ people are going to play the pc version. If there are going to be quite a lot, then it might be worth it as it will be good fun playing with decent folk and not just joe public. If it makes EA/Dice enough cash, I would assume they'll bring out updates of the other BF42 maps. Here's hoping.

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