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Modern Warfare 2 becomes fastest selling game EVER!
By: HoriZon

Activision has calculated that Modern Warfare 2 sold approximately 4.7m copies across the UK and US in just one day.

That record-breaking number means the publisher made approximately $310 or £188m in 24 hours.

Activision boss Mike Griffith called the Call of Duty franchise a "cultural phenomenon", and said the "shattering" of records was due to a MW2 being "compelling, cinematic and uniquely engaging".

"Modern Warfare 2 has taken interactive experience to unprecedented heights setting a new standard for entertainment," he reckoned.

Modern Warfare 2 was released on Tuesday 10th November amidst a swarm of consumer and media hype.

Source: Eurogamer


 14 Nov '09 - 13:32
I got my copy from Sainsburys for £26 it was rude not too! Not played it yet minds!


 15 Nov '09 - 16:51
I got my copy there too. Enjoyed the single player, although it was shortish. Cool "Red Dawn" levels. Defending Pizza Hut was a laugh. Ruskies FTW. Multiplayer is very similar to original COD - nice new kill streak perks. I got nuked the other day - someone got a 25 kill streak. Still more of a fan of anything BF though in terms of gameplay, vehicles, maps etc...


 16 Nov '09 - 14:20
Got this on 360. Good game, anyone wants a go on Spec Op co-op?
Bad Company 2 looks good too. Definitely will be on my pre-order list.


 22 Nov '09 - 11:13
I'm playing on the PS3 beta at the moment. Superb game. It's like the original bad company, but turned up to 11. Anyone have a PS3? I've got a spare beta key for the month long test.


 29 Jan '10 - 18:20
Had it since November played it never, not once


 30 Jan '10 - 17:11
Good game, used to love multiplayer on Modern Warfare 1. MW2 Spec Op is great (still working on getting all stars). Left 4 Dead 2 is a better multiplayer game, Bad Company 2 no doubt even better.

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