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Metroid: Other M Hands-on Impressions
By: HoriZon

Shacknews has posted their first impression from the new upcoming Wii Metroid game from Ninja Gaiden series veteran Team Ninja who are co-developing the title with Nintendo.

Metroid: Other M is an interesting test in game design. The title uses only the Wii Remote, held sideways like a NES controller, to control Samus in third-person. This is mixed with a first-person aiming mechanic using the Remote's infrared sensor.

As such, the level design is largely presented as 2D, despite being a 3D space. There is a large amount of auto-aim, putting the focus on dodging and firing back at enemies. Ninja Gaiden series veteran Team Ninja, co-developing the title with Nintendo, is the driving force behind the combat. Players will be able to dodge attacks as well as initiate flashy cinematic finishing moves on certain enemies.

Metroid: Other M is an interesting test. Sakamoto and Team Ninja are merging simplistic NES-era controls with infrared aiming mechanics in a fast-paced game. Using a directional pad to move in 3D space is odd at first, but works along with the map design. The combat is fast and fun and the cinematics are compelling. I look forward to more from Metroid: Other M and its eventual release on June 27, 2010.

From what I can gather it plays like the old SNES 'Super Metroid' but in a sorta 3D semi way much like Shadow Complex on XBLA but coming from Nintendo/Team Ninja it should be a whole lot more, lets bloody hope so!

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