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Phoenix Rising reaches their 12th Year Birthday!!
By: HoriZon

Well this month see's the clan reaching its 12th birthday even though we have been inactive for the last year or so. Don't think we will ever play again now as its getting on and most have moved too newer things (we got old finally) and can't keep up with the youth of today

The site is still in beta for this theme but its almost complete. Have no plans taking it offline as I like to mess and keep it around for history's sake and its a place we can always use.

As always there are lots and lots of people to thank for all their time and effort over the years from current members to much missed ex-members as well as people we have met along the way, but we wont list them as they know who they are, we thank you all! If you knew us leave a message too say "hi", sign-up here.

Our past games for Q2 right the way through to our last clan game TF2!

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