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BF2142 Patch 1.51 Enters Public Beta Testing
By: HoriZon

Over two years since Battlefield 2142's last patch and almost four years since the futuristic shooter was released, a hefty new patch has entered public beta testing.

Patch 1.51 brings four new maps (below) along with "numerous client and server side fixes including enhanced account security." As a bonus, it also gives all players the booster pack 'Northern Strike,' adding its maps, vehicles, and other goodies.

  • Operation Blue Pearl – Supply Lines by Björn Sundell and Jason Brice
  • Strike at Karkand 2142 – Conquest by Jason Brice
  • Molokai – Titan by Jason Brice
  • Yellow Knife – Supply Lines by Jason Brice

The client will be available to download from Fileplay and all players should install v1.50 BEFORE trying to install v1.51.

If the servers hold up to the stress test this version will become the release version, DICE explains. "We'll try to reduce the need to do a reinstall should that change."

Not played the game for years myself but this seems like a good update!


 13 Oct '10 - 12:46
Wow, anyone still plays this?


 13 Oct '10 - 17:22
No one here I don't think unless, Cole, Pogo etc are ??

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