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BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video
By: HoriZon

Irrational Games has released the extended gameplay video for BioShock Infinite shown at last month's Gamescom.

Set in 1912, the game takes place on Columbia, a floating city in the sky that was originally designed to showcase America as an emerging superpower. The player becomes former secret agent Booker DeWitt, who travels to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman trapped in the city since her childhood.

The demo shows off the glorious yet troubled flying world, including the twisted inhabitants that call it home. It also reveals some of the new BioShock powers, including the ability to launch crows at enemies or conjure a lightning storm cloud.

Developed by the same studio that worked on the original BioShock, the new game will be released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It looks rather nice too!


 26 Sep '10 - 11:27
The more and more i read about this game the more i want it now not bloody next year!!!

Edited on the 26 Sep '10 - 11:27

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