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Welcome to a fully complete v7.0 Site!
By: HoriZon

Well its been a long time in the works but its finally finished now, these are all the changes since the old theme. Some of the new features are things we have added others are new updates from the sites core CMS (the thing behind it all) which has had numerous updates in the last few months.

  • New theme, its called PhoenixSPLAT™
  • New look to the left hand side menu's.
  • New YouTube BBCODE for adding videos from the popular site.
  • New mouseover Top Menus. (the set of 3 stickers)
  • New mouseover banners on the games page. (added longer dates & BF2142 is now green, was grey)
  • New Darker red background with random bg images. (from the games we have played)
  • New spoiler effect: Is it fucking working???
  • New look too the 'news' layout with custom font header it should work on most modern browsers.
  • New look page headers for all parts of the site with same font as the news.
  • New Tag Menu at the bottom of each page.
  • New SHARE Menu in 'beta' for now. (share pages to Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz & Digg etc..)
  • New sketch/doodle 'Games Menu' for upcoming & played matches. (games & RWAR pages only!)
  • New quick 'Games Menu Banner' for all the games we have played. (games & RWAR pages only!)
  • New Private Message post-it note image. (site members only)
  • New Private Message SPLAT™ alert with sound effect! (site members only)
  • New 'Register' banner for all none logged in users!
  • Added post-it note to login area saying what it is.
  • Added 'Comments Locked' image for locked comments!
  • Added a simple forum guide on 'how-to' post images add files and YouTube videos to the site etc. (link)
  • Added a few more custom avatars.
  • Added an image instead of a text link saying 'Read more of this news item....' for extended news stories.
  • Added an image instead of a text link saying 'Read more of this item....' link for the 'tags' page.
  • Added some genuine looking blood splatter graphics around the site.
  • Updated a lot of the themes template files to suit the new look.
  • Updated the PM system how it looks and added a 'warning message' about links from unknown users.
  • Updated FAQ, About, Media & Games pages!
  • Updated the 'bar' for the stats page and polls etc.
  • Updated the look to the 'quote style' & 'code style' when using BBCODE.
  • Updated the Forum and RWAR pages they both now have new mouseover buttons.
  • Updated images for members header and sign-up pages to reflect sites new look.
  • Updated the style of the 'next & prev' page links on the bottom of news and forum page etc...
  • Updated the Focus outline for all Textarea's site wide. (not compatible with IE7 or below)
  • Updated all Textarea's they have a paper bg & rounded corners/drop shadow (latter wont work with IE)
  • Updated how the files are set out on the server so its easier to find and change themes in the future.
  • Updated the Site Links page with new images to reflect the new look of that site.
  • Fixed various iPad/iPhone browser errors, site looks almost the same as it does on a computer now.
  • Fixed a bug with the mouseover buttons and their code.
  • Fixed many text align issues and corrected the odd spelling mistake!
  • Fixed a handful other other small bugs and image positions.
  • Removed some BBCODE buttons which weren't needed for general use in public areas of the site.

Tested & working with IE7 (best from IE8/9+), FF2+ (best from FF3.5+), Chrome 3+, Safari 3+ & Opera 8+

Its been in progress for like 'forever' by myself and ROB who has made most of the graphics. If you notice any bugs please let us know in this forum post or post in the comments.

There are a few 'temp graphics' remaining these will be dealt with in due course but for the most its now 99% complete

We hope you like it, as we do very much!

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