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QuakeCon 2007 Tidbits!
By: HoriZon

Some of the better stuff to come out of the recent event:

The PC version of Splash Damage's long-awaited Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars will arrive in stores October 2, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead announced during this evening's QuakeCon event. But Europe is getting it a few days prior to that. (but reports of the second beta have been disappointing to say the least!)

Plans to form a second development team whose first project will be an slightly updated version of Quake 3. Titled Quake Zero, the game will be available for free supported by advertising and launches from a web browser on both PC and Mac.

There are others things like rumourers of a Nintendo DS game "Quake Arena" and John Carmack hopes for something on the Wii as well as their new game which seems to be a driving/FPS game called "RAGE". A version of Quake 3 to appear on XBLA soon, to a proposed film based on the Castle Wolfenstein franchise.

Full info @ www.quakecon.org

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