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Super Meat Boy Review
By: HoriZon

A great new little game is now out for the Xbox 360 (via XB Live Arcade) with expected Wii and PC versions to follow soon, its just a great bit of fun and worth every penny!

Super Meat Boy is an indie game that loves being an indie game, for sure, but its retro stylings are more than just window dressing. All the warp zones, the chip-tunes and Insert Coin prompts are tributes, but they can also be worn as badges of membership. What little there is that doesn't work or falls flat, like the odd annoying boss fight, is quickly forgotten, because for the majority of the time this is a game where you can feel the spirit level resting on the supporting beams, just as you could with the old masters like Super Mario World.

To rein in the hyperbole for a second, it is not quite that inventive or inspirational, but beneath the veil of difficulty it is every bit as inviting and thrillingly engineered. Super Meat Boy starts out as just another indie game that revels in driving you crazy, but you end up crazy in love.

You can read the full review over on Eurogamer.


 21 Oct '10 - 17:15
Loving this little gem of a game, just get it now!

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