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Mass Effect 3 Confirmed for late 2011
By: HoriZon

The first trailer for Mass Effect 3 has been shown at the Spike VGA 2010 show, confirming the EA Store slip-up which listed the game for pre-order the other day. The trailer shows a besieged Earth under attack from a new enemy.

The trailer lists the game for late 2011. No platforms were confirmed, but its likely PC & Xbox 360 are definite for that date.


 12 Dec '10 - 13:19
I for one will start my Mass effect 2 playthrough over the Christmas Holidays.

/well I hope too


 25 Dec '10 - 21:22
Not a new enemy, those are Reapers

Looking forward to this such a lot. Nice to see it out so quickly after the 2nd one, rather than such a long wait again.

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