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PR^ ETQW & TF2 Servers Launch!
By: HoriZon

We have now got our self servers for both Team Fortress 2 and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars.

TF2 - (20 players)

ETQW - (24 players)

Both of these servers will be open to the public but will sometimes be locked for match play etc, but should be unlocked after any such games. Please feel free to play on our servers. They are both hosted by Multiplay.

[28 September 2007] ETQW server now full version of the game! (Note: our QW server is also our BF2142 server when needed!)


 24 Sep '07 - 01:15
Our TF2 server is proving to be very popular so far! took me ages to get on it the other night!

Was also good to see the ex-MPUK guys under a new name too!

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