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First L.A. Noire gameplay trailer!
By: HoriZon

The first in a series of in-depth gameplay videos for L.A. Noire, 'Orientation' is an overview of the games core mechanics from searching for clues, to the fundamentals of witness interrogation, and classic action including brawling and shootouts.

Using all in-game footage, this first gameplay video in the series explains how your detective skills, intuition and cunning have the power to make or break each case. Find more on their official YouTube page over the next few motnhs.

The game is due out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May.


 09 Feb '11 - 18:43
One to watch out for, I could be a bent cop and convict the wrong people and take back handers!

Edited on the 09 Feb '11 - 18:44

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