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Battlefield 3 for November release?
By: HoriZon

A release date for Battlefield 3 has appeared on EA Download Manager. The online store recently listed the game for release on November 2, though it is yet to be confirmed whether the information was added erroneously.

It has been noted that the listed date is a Wednesday, rather than a Tuesday or Friday when new releases arrive in the US and UK respectively. Should the release date prove accurate, the game will arrive in stores around the same time as Activision's next Call Of Duty, which is yet to be unveiled.

Should you still be in doubt whether Battlefield 3 will be worth the purchase or not, check out the 'Fault Line' episodes which have been released too date over on YouTube: one, two and three, they may do the trick.


 16 Apr '11 - 21:01
Final Video is out, its more of a full length one with added bits.

Also saw a trailer for this on ITV1 tonight during the Man U v Man City game.

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