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Portal 2 Miscellaneous News Debris™
By: HoriZon

Portal 2 is out this week and there is lots of information on the game around from videos, tests and even a comic to catchup on.

  • Those crazy scientists at Aperture Laboratories have a personality test designed to reveal your true identity under cooperative conditions. The test asks deep, penetrating questions that probe your psyche, and grades you appropriately.
  • A comic called 'Lab Rat' is now out, this comics serves as a bridge between Portal and Portal 2.
  • An interview (few weeks old) over on Euorgamer with Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw who help us think with portals.
  • The PS3 version will include Steam with cross-platform play, Steam friends list, Steam Achievements, as well as global achievement stats. Plus a PC code to play the game on a well PC and FREE DLC to come as and when Valve release it.
  • There is a collection of videos named 'Aperture Investment Opportunity' which you can view by clicking read more below.

As well as all the above GLaDOS is currently offline and if you buy a load of indie games and find a few potatoes hidden within those games you can reboot her. In what is believed to be a way to release the game early on Steam by users making it happen.

[19 April 2011] Portal 2 is now available via Steam the above was true. Lots of very positive reviews flying around too!

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