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The Halo 3 Reviews!
By: HoriZon

The reviews are coming in now for Halo 3 on the X360 which a lot people are claiming will be game of the year! This is what Eurogamer make of it, I for one hated the second Halo. The game is out from Wednesday the 26th!

Stepping back and looking at the game as a whole, it's clear that Halo 3 is exactly what Bungie would want it to be - the best game in the Halo series to date. We have criticisms, certainly - the slightly rough edges on some of the later levels being the outstanding complaint - but none major enough to detract from what is the finest game in one of the world's best-loved franchises.

If we are to nitpick, though, we do hit upon a useful caveat for some players. Simply put, Halo 3 is a completely pure first person shooter, with no pretensions to any other gameplay style. There are no puzzles to be solved, no character or weapon upgrades to be considered, and aside from a few notable sections, remarkably few vehicles to be driven around.

You shoot bad guys, and that's it. If that's all you want to do, Halo 3 is perfect, or as near to damned perfect as this kind of game is going to get. For those who preferred the more cerebral moments of the likes of Half-Life 2 or Bioshock, though... Well, caveat emptor.

[24 September 2007] review up on Shacknews as well.


 24 Sep '07 - 00:43
Better than Halo 2, and yes, even better than Halo

Might have to buy it but first to finish BioShock!


 24 Sep '07 - 07:16
You still not finished Bioshock?

Gonna get the last 2 Halo games with my Elite 360 in a fortnight. Already played Halo 1 on PC (and re-playing it atm).

Looking forward to this


 24 Sep '07 - 11:54
I am getting their just coming out of Fort Frolic, i am a slow gamer alright

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