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Duke Nukem Forever Demo for First Access Club Members
By: HoriZon

After over 15 years, players all over the world will finally be able to play a portion of Duke Nukem Forever. Developer Gearbox Software just announced that the demo for the long awaited first person shooter will be made available on June 3.

The announcement came in the form of a video where Gearbox Software's head man Randy Pitchford made us think that the game might actually be delayed again before the reveal of the demo date was made. The date is just for First Access Club owners only. That means that only people who have pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever or have purchased the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition will get the first crack at the Duke Nukem Forever demo.

Just in case you are wondering the games current release date are staying put, at least for now. In the video Pitchford says that the game is in certification for all three platforms which means the final bugs and issues are being fixed before the game is approved for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

The 15 year wait will end on June 14 for North American gamers and on June 10 (that's us!!) in other parts of the world.

[24 May 2011] The game has now gone GOLD!

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