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Site bug fixes and updates!
By: HoriZon

Changes made over the last few months, I only tend to change/fix things nowadays when I see them.


  • Added random 'Register Here!' images to the register page. (cheers ROB)
  • Links page, bigger font for the comment links and visit numbers.
  • News category's now in 3 rows instead of 2. (bottom of this page)
  • Fixed custom fonts not working/showing in IE9, they should work for all modern web browsers now.
  • Fixed some IE9 alignment issues with a few tables and images.
  • Increased the size of uploaded images to 720px by whatever.
  • New 'rougher' looking images for the top Search, Forum and Login buttons.
  • Fixed the border colour for screenshots on the BF2142 page as it was the old grey not the new green!
  • New 'forum quote' button, well not new just added a speech bubble to it.
  • Fixed a few theme core issues with image alignments and sizes.
  • Fixed a few other image issues around the site.
  • Corrected a few spelling errors! (again) !!

Next month is our birthday, will there be cake?

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