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Project Cafe becomes Wii U
By: HoriZon

Project Cafe will be released next year and be called Wii U.

It's a console and a snazzy controller, although Nintendo ignored the console unit during its E3 conference.

The console is white and looks a lot like Wii. The controller is also white with a beefy, six-inch touch-screen. It doesn't output in HD, but high definition is available when connected to an HDTV. The system allows players to choose between playing on a TV or "roaming", and playing on the controller.

A zero latency link is promised between the console and the controller, and developers can choose to adopt a dual-screen configuration - a Zelda demo was shown with the main action running on-screen and inventory selections on the controller.

The controller has two shoulder buttons, two thumbsticks, a built-in camera, motion sensors and the usual array of face buttons. The console is scheduled to release between 1 April and 31 December 2012.

Additionally, the console uses internal Flash memory, which can be upgraded via SD Card or USB. The system runs optical discs and is backwards compatible with Wii software.

Source: Eurogamer

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