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Battlefield Past and Present
By: HoriZon

Battlefield 3 may be a globe-spanning franchise but its actually developed by the talented EA DICE team in Stockholm, Sweden. Earlier this month Eurogamer flew out to the studio to see the game in development and talk to the people making it.

In part 1 of this three-part series, they explore the origins of the Battlefield series and how it evolved from a PC multiplayer shooter to the all-conquering multi-platform, single, co-op and multiplayer series it is today.

Then in part 2 and part 3, they delve deep into the development of Battlefield 3 itself, playing and talking to the people working on the massive campaign and the 64-player online competitive game that executive producer Patrick Bach refers to as "the thousand-hour multiplayer".

As well as the above thier is a new trailer/TV ad for it featuring Jay-Z '99 Problems'.

As you should know by now BF3 is out late next month on all the big three!

[29 September 2011] Battlefield 3 beta goes live today, game mode is Rush, and the featured map is Operation Metro.

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