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BioShock comes to Steam
By: HoriZon

Well Steam is looking better and better first id signs up and now one of THE most anticipated games for the PC & X360 hits it!

I for one will be getting the X360 version, can't wait!! Never heard of the game? (you been under a rock!) visit here.

NEW YORK, NY, August 16, 2007 - Valve today announced that BioShock, the highly-anticipated and award-winning first-person shooter by 2K Games is available for pre-purchase now via Steam?. Starting today, gamers can pre-order BioShock on Steam for $49.95, and begin playing the moment the game is made available.

One of the most anticipated games of 2007, BioShock is the "genetically enhanced" first person shooter that lets players do things never before possible in the genre - turn everything into a weapon, biologically modify your body with plasmids, hack devices and systems, upgrade weapons and craft new ammo variants, and experiment with different battle techniques.

Gamers enter the game as a cast-away in Rapture, an underwater Utopia torn apart by civil war. Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically modified "splicers" and deadly security systems, players have to come to grips with a deadly, mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. No encounter ever plays out the same and no two gamers will play BioShock the same way.

"Over the next six months, gamers will be hit with a barrage of highly-anticipated titles," said Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve. "The lion's share of these great new releases will be PC games. And with the gameplay and graphic innovations featured in BioShock, it promises to be one of the most important games released in 2007."

BioShock is currently scheduled to be available via Steam and at retail on August 21 in the U.S. and August 24 in Europe. For more information or to pre-purchase BioShock, please visit www.steamgames.com today.


 29 Aug '07 - 17:54
Loving the game btw!

Looks fucking great!


 29 Aug '07 - 20:06
I can't wait to get into town tomorrow and get the PC version.

Looks outstanding, and the first really eagerly awaited PC game for me in quite a while tbh.


 02 Sep '07 - 00:11
How you doing in it Dave ? i am a few hours into it now and loving it!


 02 Sep '07 - 14:42
Ordered it off Play instead. Still isn't here, but not too worried. I acquired C&C 3 in the meantime

Oh and I've posted a list of the games I have installed on Yarn - it's a bit of a lengthy list tbh


 02 Sep '07 - 20:13
ah i thought you had it already, well your in for a treat m8 i am a good way in now and loving it. Some great set pieces and some great gfx its hard to believe at times! true next gen is finally here!

EG said:

And with that out of the way, all that remains is to insist that anyone with a PC or a 360 goes out and buys this wonderful game on the 24th of August (or sooner if you happen to live near the street date-breaking US retailers), and send a message to the entire games industry that this is the kind of game that people want. BioShock is the ultimate rarity: not only does it live up to its lofty promise, but exceeds it through simple, old fashioned talent and imagination - not to mention verve, style,class, wit, and sheer bloody-minded ambition. It takes the tired, worn-out FPS genre by the scruff of the neck, reinvents and bend it out of shape in such a breathtaking fashion that it's going to take something very special to top this in the months and years ahead. For a game to be so outstanding in one department is one thing - to manage to tick every single box from graphics to audio to gameplay depth to atmosphere and innovation is pretty much unprecedented. Seriously - if you don't find something to love about BioShock, we'd recommend a trip to the nearest doctor to check if your heart's still beating.


Edited on the 02 Sep '07 - 21:10


 03 Sep '07 - 11:12
Hopefully it'll be here today...

/fingers crossed.


 13 Sep '07 - 16:03
Only just noticed this you can grab a collection of mp3's from the game here.

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