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Resident Evil 6 story details
By: HoriZon

Capcom has revealed the first details of Resident Evil 6's story during an announcement event in Japan.

Returning characters Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield will both be playable, but will each have their own storyline.

In America, a bioterrorism attack transforms the President into a zombie right in front of Leon. He is joined by Helen Harper, who was a member of the President's security detail, to investigate the attack. Chris, however, will be in China as he searches for the source of the bioterrorism attack. Both Chris and Leon's stories will progress simultaneously.

A third character, who was revealed in yesterday's announcement trailer, will also be playable. Capcom has not revealed this character's name but described him as "the man who's told to save the world".

Zombies will return as the primary enemy in Resident Evil 6, after their absence in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. A new powerful creature called Javo will also play a significant role in the game, and can be seen chasing the mysterious third character in the above announcement trailer.

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