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Black Mesa: Source Interview
By: HoriZon

You may have heard of it, a mod called Black Mesa: Source, a recreation of Half-life 1 on the Source engine which has been in the pipeline since it was announced way back in 2005.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently caught up with Carlos Montero the mod team's project lead to ask what's happening with BM:S and why its taken so long. (You can read Part 1 & Part 2 by clicking the previous links.)

One of the bigger difficulties that we face all the time that people don’t really think about are the gray areas of decision-making. It can be very difficult to balance between staying true to the original and making it somewhat palatable to modern gamers. We are constantly trying to find ways to maintain challenge while simultaneously lowering frustration and confusion. We don’t want to be hand-holding, but at the same time we are very cognizant of the much lower threshold of patience people have with games now a days.

Our team has a great mix of purists and modernists, and we constantly argue about these types of issues. Ultimately, we all agree on the balance we want to hit, and its great to have people on the team representing various points of view and helping us maintain that balance.

Unfortunately if you're hoping for a solid release date for this mod the best you will get is "when its done, its done!"

Source: ValveTime

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