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Site Updates
By: HoriZon

Yes its that time again I have fixed a few issues I have spotted around the site the last few months.


  • e107 core has been updated to v1.0.1, it was only a small update all seems fine so far.
  • Updated the ad-banners and removed the now closed Gameplay ones.
  • Updated the 'no video' image on the YouTube page.
  • Signup page 'AntiSpam' the colour check question now works with the latest versions of Opera.
  • New textured blood splatter on the 'Games Menu'.
  • Fixed a few dead YouTube videos in the news for working ones.
  • Removed Halflife2.net from the Links page and replaced it with their new site Valve Time.
  • The odd spelling and grammar error(s) that have been noticed have been amended!

This site is now a whole two years old!!

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