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Blast from the past Quake 2 Demos
By: HoriZon

We have recently been adding all our Quake 2 Demos we have to our YouTube channel, they are going up slowly. But for now here is one of our best games versus the LanLords from 1999 I would say!

More will be added over the coming days and weeks and then who knows! Thanks to LadyQuake for doing them! I will make a page for them on the site as well at a later date.

But for now please subscribe to our channel and view/comment away!

[25 September 2012] Right all 22 have now been added, click read more for a few choice picks of ours and others.


 22 Sep '12 - 01:04
Wow, that feels like so long ago


 22 Sep '12 - 12:53
It was you were a heartthrob back then


 23 Sep '12 - 09:45
I really don't remember being any good at Q2! I do remember being quite cautious though and it seems I tend to die less than most but kill less too!


 23 Sep '12 - 13:54
That LL game is great though watched it last year when I was messing with Q2 and man what a game!


 26 Sep '12 - 13:55
I did CTF mainly I remember, its sooooooo wierd watching what you were doing all those years ago lol


 25 Oct '12 - 15:04
I loved CTF for Q2 I miss that loads game snow aren't the same.


 28 Nov '12 - 15:41
Caught some of the vids from Youtube and led me here , didn't realise that PR were still around. Watching the vids gave me a wave of nostalgia ...

I yearn for the days of old when competitive FPS games fostered an actual community of people. Probably me just being an ol' fart these days.

Cheers for the memories



 04 Dec '12 - 13:18
Yeah we are still round in one shape or another.

Being an old fart? nah

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