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Site Updates 2014/15
By: HoriZon

Lots of updates that have been made over the last year or so as and when I see them, the site is a bit dead but we will keep it around - well its our history that what it is


  • Added Evohosting banner to left hand menus, if you need webspace please use the link they are great.
  • Fixed "download link" for Quake 3 Demos for Worldspawn Archive (Quake 2 & Quake 3 maps)
  • Fixed image uploads to forums for users as it was broke not sure why, but it works once again now.
  • Updates to the warnings when posting on the forums and sending private messages.
  • Removed "tags" as it was slowing down the site massively and there is no update for the plugin.
  • Removed download links for other sites form "download page" as most have closed down.
  • YouTube videos in the news that were dead have been fixed.
  • Some "small background code" bugs I've missed over the years, oooppps lol
  • Lots of clean-up to the theme core.

I Know the 'links page' has a few dead sites but left them as it's a apart of internet history.

As for what the future brings? who knows...


 10 Nov '15 - 17:30
Comments still work ?????

Seems so

Edited on the 10 Nov '15 - 17:31

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